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01 How long can 1 box lasts?

Based on 1 dose per consumption, 1 box of MinTox with 14 doses allows for 14 consumptions.

02 Can I lose weight with MinTox?

MinTox helps in healthy bowel movement, and gets rid of toxins in our bodies. The accumulation of toxins in the body easily causes intestinal waterretention,slows down blood circulation of the lower parts of the body, creates a pear-shaped body and big belly. MinTox helps in establishing a healthy internal circulation, thus lowering the chance of weight issue.

03 How long does it take for the next bowel movement after taking MinTox?

Usually within 8-12 hours.

04 What is the daily frequency of bowel movement after taking MinTox?

It varies according to individuals. Everyone's body condition is different.

05 Are there any side effects?

You can be rest assured that there’s no side effect for taking MinTox, it can be consumed over a long term period.

06 Will I be product-dependent?

MinTox regulates gastrointestinal health, it is non-dependent and you may reduce the dosage and eventually stop taking completely based on your body condition.

07 Can patients with gastric or intestinal inflammation consume?

Yes. It is mild and non-irritable.

08 Can diabetic patients with constipation consume?

The product is sugar and additives free, will not cause any effect to diabetic patients.

09 Is it effective for severe constipation?

It is effective. Recommended to take 1.5 doses per day for the first 3-5 days, and subsequently 1 dose per day.

10 Can I consume during menstruation?

Yes. It is mild and non-irritable.

11 Will I have stomachache after taking MinTox?

Normally no, however for some, they may experience stomachache due to intestinal contraction causing the intestinal walls to rub against each other and fold, while the accumulated stools that fall off from the creases also cause some pain. The pain will dissipate after passing motion and you’ll feel relieved. (The pain usually comes before passing motion and disappears after that) .Drink water before toilet visit to have a better thorough cleansing. Do not panic,just drink more water.

12 Will I have diarrhea after taking MinTox?

The frequency of bowel movement will increase, but it is not diarrhea. Bowel movement usually increaseat the early stages of consumption because of the accumulated waste, dark coloured, shapeless stools. The symptoms disappear after few days of consumption.

13 No effects after taking

Please be patient. The results differ from individuals to individuals, as each body's condition varies. Based on feedback, majority experience the urge to pass motion within 24 hours, while there are some who need a few days to regulate in order to achieve daily bowel movement.